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Darbe's user-friendly features helps you keep track of your impact and see exactly how every hour and dollar given are used in order to make a difference.

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Volunteering and donating is now a safe and transparent process through Darbe. Just select your preferences and availability, and Darbe will automatically match your selections with charities in your area that need and appreciate your help.

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Darbe offers charities a platform on which to feature their upcoming events and matches them with dedicated individuals and organizations.

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Gather your team, pick your preferences and availability, and connect your organization's collective efforts with your community's needs. Collaborate with your team and keep a record of your organization's impact in order to inspire others to serve.

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Find out what’s happening in your neighborhood with Darbe’s community feature. Discover your community’s needs and supply them as a donor. Darbe can help you keep track of your donations and impact. Have a need? Post it on the community board and be connected with a donor.


PPE drive

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In an effort to help combat COVID-19, Darbe is connecting PPE supplies to those in need. Whether you would like to donate supplies or need to request PPE, join Darbe and help make a difference.

Are you searching for PPE supplies for a hospital, nonprofit, or first responders in your community? Register a PPE need on Darbe and help combat COVID-19 by connecting donors and requesters.

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Verify a PPE donation you made or received through Darbe and track your impact against COVID-19 in critical communities across the U.S.


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