Terms & Conditions

Thank you for taking interest in darbe! To make sure you are best equipped to volunteer or donate, please read through our following terms and conditions for volunteering with safety in mind.

Please be aware that we take into consideration ways of preventing transmission of infection when designing our volunteer standards. We recommend volunteers:

  • to be 18 years of age or older, unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.

  • not have been in contact with anyone who tested positive for COVID-19.

  • have not traveled outside of the country in the last 14 days

  • not display any symptoms of illness (major symptoms include fever, cough, shortness of breath)

  • wear rubber/latex gloves or a substitute (i.e. gardening/snow gloves)

  • practice social distancing and good hand hygiene

  • wear masks or alternatives (scarves, bandanas, etc.) when available

  • find a partner to volunteer with (i.e. family member, friend) to ensure your own safety.

  • frequently check your temperature to verify a lack of fever before delivering to an at-risk client.

I understand that these PPEs are publicly sourced from un-vetted individuals some of whom may be positive for COVID-19, and take full responsibility for the quality, efficacy, and safety of these items and their use.  Darbe connects people with publicly crowd-sourced PPEs to first responders during this time of critical shortage. The PPEs are being donated and are provided without any warranty, guarantee, or certification of fitness for purpose. Nothing on this website or in the course of providing these items establishes a legal obligation or promise on Darbe’s behalf.