Every donor and volunteer counts.

In 2018 young donors in the US alone gave $50 billion online, 40% of which (approx. $20 billion) went to peer-to-peer platforms instead of 501 (c)(3) charitable organizations. Young people today desire to interact with the world in a meaningful way. They seek to constantly share these great experiences with their friends and family. The philanthropy of today is fundamentally different from that of classic "Philanthropists".  Younger donors value transparency, impact, and social engagement.

Nonprofits today face a dilemma.

More and more nonprofits are created every year leading to rising competition for resources. In addition, these charities are seeing the philanthropy landscape in the US shift from an older generation of private donors to younger tech-savvy generations. Nonprofits traditionally fundraise by tapping the same donor base over and over which now leads to higher rates of donor burnout and attrition. Younger donors have relatively low responsiveness to traditional fundraising and need to be engaged in a better way. Competitive pressures and a changing marketplace leave many small and medium charities struggling to raise funds and awareness for their missions.

Everyone benefits with darbe

Dare to make a difference.

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Darbe profiles allow people and charities to set specific preferences for their giving.  Donors and volunteers become aware of needs in their community that uniquely match their preferences. Charities gain support from a growing volunteer and donor base that care deeply about their cause. We offer a better way to do good by connecting the right people to specific charitable needs in their community